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Tips and Strategies for Beginning Investors and for Picking Stocks

Top 10 Trading Tips for Beginning Investors

10 Rules for Picking Stock Winners

How to pick winners in the stock market

25 rules for investing

Stock picking for beginners

GARP Investing

Do what Warren Buffet Does (GREAT ADVICE)
(This article you want to print out, highlight, and keep with you always - Excellent information.)

Reading Stock Data

Reading NewsPaper Stock Data

Interpreting Stock Data

Reading the Stock Market (Videos included)

Stock Market Tutorial Videos (Part 1)

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Stock Market Tutorial Videos (Part 2)


Websites to locate Industries/Companies

Hey, you may want to have a list of companies on a seperate sheet of paper based upon the different industries. Several companies may not have financial data and you want to make sure you are not investigating the same companies more than once!

This site contains every possible industry to invest in. Once you have located an industry, you click on it, and then every company is shown.
 By Industry (1)

By Industry (2)

By Company
(This might be the best site - the parameters they ask for are top notch)

Accounting Measures

Annual Reports (More Explicit Financial Data)

Sites for locating the Annual Reports of corporations (for finding the more concrete financial data)

*****Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow (gives you the bare bones numbers you need) Scroll down bottom left and click on either balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow tab.

For TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)

For NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Companies

For NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Systems) Companies

*****Company Report (A little easier to understand, but may not have everything you are looking for) MUST HAVE TICKER SYMBOL.

Mean and Median Information

Mean and Median Document 1

Mean and Median Document 2

Mean Document 1

Median Document 1

Exploring Mean and Median

Exploring Mean and Median Interactively

Standard Deviation

How to use the TI-83/84 to find Standard Deviation (1)

How to use the TI-83/84 to find Standard Deviation (2)

My notes on Standard Deviation

My Video on Standard Deviation

Step by Step Good notes using TI-83 (3)

Solving Standard Deviation by hand (4)
(Good instructions, kind of goofy but explains well)

Linear Regression Information

Links for 7 green industries

Wind (Renewable Energy) Industry

Water Industry

Bio Mimicry Industry

Solar Industry

Air Quality Industry

Food Waste/ Non-hazardous/ Waste Recycling Links

Green Roof Industry